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WELCOME TO TIPSYBAY.COM!                                                                           

I'm very excited that you chose to shop online at Tipsy Bay! Our store has a variety of products for you to choose from, that’s why we're here for you.

We've hand picked and tested every product we sell, and that's how I know you'll be satisfied with your selection.   If not we have a happiness guaranteed policy, returns on any product within 30 days, no questions asked! 
We have everything you need right here!  Is there a great product you'd like to see us carry ? Just let us know at tipsybaystore@gmail.com

AFFORDABLE PRODUCTS                                                                                       
Because of the many high priced products out there, we decided to make Tipsy Bay a full online buying experience and the place where everything is affordable. Our goal is to provide the best Time saving gadgets, accessories and products you can get in the market, and to deliver them right to your doorstep, all at the very best price. We’re here for you! 

BEHIND THE SCENES                                                                                               
What we do here at the TIPSYBAY.COM  that is so different from most online stores, we test each product we sell, so that we can make sure you’re getting optimal quality and product experience possible. You can rest assured that you will find the perfect product here at TIPSYBAY.COM  and that you’ll be extremely happy with your purchase.

REAL PEOPLE, REAL PASSION                                                                           

We founded Tipsy Bay with a dollar and a prayer...during a trip to the beach to escape our crazy and stressful 9-5 jobs, we lamented having to leave. The last night we sat in the sand with our toes in the sea foam, listening to the squeaking wooden boats moored out from shore a short distance away.   The skies were dark and filled with stars.

While down there I had taken with me the portable watercolor set sold here on our website.  I sat on the beach every day and painted what I saw.  Now back home, I look at these paintings with nostalgia. TIPSY BAY is the fictitional name that I thought described those intoxicating evenings on the beach.  Intoxicated not by alcohol but by nature itself! 

Life was better in Tipsy Bay!

I decided that I would create a place where I could help other people find great products, that solved problems, brought them joy and in general just made life better.   That was the birth of this store right here! 

Everything we do here at  TIPSYBAY.COM  is for you. Behind our company are real people who have a real passion for living healthy, fulfilled lives, and we’re here to make sure that you are 100% satisfied. That's our promise to you! 

Our Team here at  TIPSYBAY.COM  is at your service!  If there's anything you need, a question you have, or if there's something that you're looking for, but don’t see on our website— please don't hesitate to contact us. Our Team is here for you, and we're more than willing to help in any way we can. 

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